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Trustmark 925 Sterling Silver 4mm Created Opal Ball Stud Earrings - B01C7O43ZO

  • Sky: A gorgeous set of blue opals resembling the sky.

  • Style or Setting: Ball stud earrings.

  • Made with solid 925 Sterling Silver.

  • Professionally hand-set in our own US studio.

  • Each stone measures about 4mm in diameter (approx. 1/6").

  • A dazzling array of sparkling created opals ranging from the burning beauty of our Flame Red Created Opals to our pristine and luxurious Royal Lavender Created Opals. This is our petite 4mm ball stud earrings version of our opal earring line on 925 Sterling Silver posts.

    Many people are not aware that created Opal is actually preferred to natural opal for most jewelry items. Natural Opal is not particularly well-suited to being used in jewelry since it's a relatively soft gemstone, is subject to chipping and breakage, requires regular care and maintenance, and has to be protected from sunlight and many chemicals and contaminants such as hair spray, perfumes and the like.